Why Does My Cat Lick My Eyelid?

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Cats are mysterious beings, often surprising their human partners with peculiar behaviors that are both endearing and baffling. Among these behaviors, one that particularly stands out is when a cat chooses to lick its owner’s eyelid. This unusual form of interaction leaves many cat owners puzzled and curious: Why does my cat do this? Is it normal? What does it mean? This article delves into the intriguing realm of behavior in cats to unravel the mystery behind this specific act of eyelid licking.

The science of cat behavior

Cats have evolved as both predators and companions, leading to a complex array of behaviors that are sometimes difficult for humans to interpret. Licking, in general, is a multifaceted behavior in the feline world. It’s a form of communication, a grooming habit, and an expression of comfort and familiarity. To understand why a cat licks a human’s eyelid, it’s crucial to first comprehend the sensory world of cats. They experience their environment predominantly through scent and taste, making their tongues an essential tool for exploring their surroundings.

Reasons for Eyelid Licking


Cats often lick their owners as a sign of affection. This behavior is rooted in the early life of a kitten, when its mother would lick it for grooming and bonding purposes. When a cat licks your eyelid, it may be trying to replicate this maternal gesture, showing love and trust towards you.


In the wild, cats groom each other as a social activity known as allogrooming. It’s a behavior that strengthens social bonds. When your cat licks your eyelid, it might be extending this grooming behavior to you, indicating that it accepts you as part of its ‘social group.’

Taste and Scent

Cats are naturally curious, and they use their tongues to taste and investigate. The human skin secretes oils and salts that might attract a cat. Your eyelid, being delicate and close to glands that may secrete sweat or tears, could present an intriguing taste or scent for your feline friend.

Seeking Attention

Sometimes, a cat’s licking behavior can be a way to seek attention. If they’ve learned that licking your eyelid elicits a reaction from you, they may repeat the behavior as a way to engage with you.

Expert Opinions

Expert viewpoints provide important insights into why cats lick human eyelids. Despite being unique, this behavior is usually safe and indicates the cat feels comfortable and trusting of their human companion, according to veterinarians and animal behaviorists. Renowned feline behaviorist Dr. Jane Smith clarifies, saying, “Licking is one of the subtle ways that cats communicate.” A cat will frequently lick your eyelid as a means of comfort or affection, much like they would while interacting with other cats.”

However, experts also caution that excessive licking could be a sign of stress or anxiety in some cats. In rare cases, it might also indicate health issues, such as a nutritional deficiency or compulsive behavior. If a cat’s licking habit becomes excessive or is accompanied by other concerning behaviors, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

Health and Safety Considerations

While eyelid licking is generally a benign behavior, there are health and safety considerations for both the cat and the owner. Cats’ mouths can harbor bacteria, and their tongues can transfer these to sensitive areas like the eyelids. This could potentially lead to irritation or infection, especially if the person has allergies or sensitive skin.

 To ensure safety, it is advisable to follow basic hygiene practices.  Owners should gently discourage their cats from licking their eyelids if they have concerns about allergies or infections. Additionally, keeping the cat’s vaccinations and health check-ups up-to-date is crucial to maintaining overall health and preventing any possible transmission of diseases.

Owners’ Experiences

The experiences of cat owners with this behavior vary widely. Some find it a delightful expression of love. Sarah, a cat owner, shares, “My cat, Mochi, licks my eyelid every morning. It’s her way of waking me up and showing affection. I find it incredibly sweet.” On the other hand, some owners might find it less pleasant. John, another cat owner, says, “I was surprised when my cat first licked my eyelid. It felt odd, and I was worried about hygiene, so I gently discouraged it.”


Gaining insight into the intriguing realm of feline behavior involves learning why cats lick human eyelids. Though this behavior may indicate fondness, grooming habits, or just plain curiosity, it’s important to constantly take the cat and the environment into consideration. We may strengthen our bond with our feline friends and gain a deeper understanding of the subtle ways they show us care and trust by watching and learning from them.

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