Is the days gone on Xbox?


Developed by Bend Studio, “Days Gone” is a remarkable action-adventure game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by “Freakers.” This game has captured the attention of gamers with its compelling storyline, where players navigate as Deacon St. John, a drifter and former bounty hunter.

A pressing question among gaming enthusiasts is whether this captivating title is available on the Xbox platform. This article delves deep into the game’s availability, exploring various facets of its development, platform exclusivity, and the broader context of gaming platforms.

Background of ‘Days Gone’

Development History

Announced at E3 2016, “Days Gone” created immediate excitement among gamers. Its development journey was marked by a focus on creating a narrative-driven experience set against the backdrop of a world devastated by a global pandemic. The game developers aimed to blend a gripping story with immersive gameplay mechanics.

Gameplay and storyline

Players immerse themselves in a third-person perspective, navigating a dynamically changing open world. The game is renowned for its realistic day-night cycle, significantly influencing the behavior of the Freakers. Players experience the harsh realities of a post-apocalyptic world, making strategic decisions for survival.

Initial Platform Release

Released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in April 2019, “Days Gone” quickly established itself as a favorite among PlayStation users, celebrated for its depth of narrative and engaging gameplay.

Gaming Platforms: A Brief Overview

Understanding gaming platforms

In the gaming industry, platforms like PlayStation and Xbox dominate. Each platform offers unique features, architecture, and user experiences, contributing to distinct gaming environments.

PlayStation vs. Xbox: Key Differences

PlayStation is known for its strong lineup of exclusive titles and its support for virtual reality. On the other hand, Xbox is recognized for its Xbox Game Pass service and extensive backward compatibility, providing its users with a distinct range of benefits.

‘Days Gone’ and Console Exclusivity

The concept of console exclusivity

It is also common in the gaming industry, with some of the games being exclusive to particular consoles. Console manufacturers use this strategy to enhance the appeal of their consoles and offer a unique collection of games that cater to gamers with diverse preferences.

How ‘Days Gone’ Fits into This Model

“Days Gone” was a part of this exclusivity model, being available solely on the PlayStation platform. Sony strategically made this decision to enrich its exclusive gaming content and provide a unique experience to PlayStation owners.

days gone xbox
days gone xbox

Is ‘Days Gone’ on Xbox?

Current Status

As it stands, “Days Gone” remains unavailable on the Xbox platform. The game continues to be a title exclusive to PlayStation.

Reasons for Platform Availability

Keeping “Days Gone” exclusive to PlayStation is attributed to strategic business decisions, exclusivity agreements, and targeting a specific audience base. This exclusivity helps differentiate the PlayStation console with a distinct gaming portfolio.

Gamer Reactions and Expectations

The community’s response to platform exclusivity

The exclusive availability of it on PlayStation has elicited varied responses from the gaming community. While it adds value to the PlayStation’s exclusive title list, it also generates a sense of longing and disappointment among Xbox enthusiasts.

Expectations from Xbox Users

Many Xbox gamers hope to see it on their platform in the future. This desire reflects a broader trend in the gaming community advocating for less restrictive access to games and a move towards platform inclusivity.

The Future of ‘Days Gone’ and Cross-Platform Gaming

Trends in Cross-Platform Compatibility

Xbox users looking for experiences similar to it” have several options. Games like “State of Decay 2” and “The Walking Dead” offer similar themes of survival in post-apocalyptic settings.

Alternatives for Xbox Users

Xbox gives several options to players who want experiences similar to “Days Gone.” “State of Decay 2” is a game with a similar theme as the Walking Dead series.


Finally, “Days Gone” can be considered an exclusive PS title only at this moment, but considering the evolution in gaming and the move toward cross-play, it is possible for the game to be launched on more platforms, like Microsoft’s Xbox platform or even on mobile devices.


  • Can one buy ‘Days Gone’ on Xbox?
  • Currently, ‘Days Gone’ is exclusively for playstations.
  • Why is ‘Days Gone’ a PlayStation exclusive?
  • This is mainly because of Sony’s strategy of focusing on more and more unique game series.
  • Will ‘Days Gone’ make it to Xbox one day?
  • However, in the gaming community, there is a glimmer of hope but nothing concrete regarding availability on Xbox.
  • Can Xbox players look for some alternatives to ‘Days Gone’ instead?
  • Such a survival horror experience can be explored by Xbox players in games featuring “State of Decay 2” or “The Walking Dead” series.
  • What do games as a service and console exclusivity signify for the video game industry?
  • Exclusivity at the console level can affect the industry’s dynamics as it may drive rivalry and innovation but also exclude certain titles from other consumers.

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