Is Super Alkaline 11.5 Water safe to Drink?

Introduction to Super-Alkaline Water

What is Super Alkaline 11.5 Water?

This includes supercharged alkaline water with a pH rating of 11.5, known as Super Alkaline 11.5 Water. It is important to note that super-alkaline water has a PH of 11,5 as opposed to normal drinking water, whose usual PH is 7.

The Science Behind Alkalinity

Water alkalinity is simply the ability of water to neutralize acids. It is measured on the pH scale, which is expressed in numbers ranging from zero (extremely acidic) to fourteen (highly alkaline). Electrolysis turns water into alkaline by separating it into acidic and alkaline forms.

Health Benefits of Super-Alkaline Water

Hydration and super-alkaline water

Advocates of Super Alkaline 11.5 Water claim that its unique molecular structure allows for quicker and more efficient hydration compared to regular water.

Potential health benefits

Some proponents suggest that consuming alkaline water helps neutralize acid in the bloodstream, which may lead to improved metabolism, increased energy, and even detoxification benefits.

Debunking Myths

Nevertheless, one has to treat them suspiciously. There has been little scientific research on exactly how alkaline water aids in health improvements, and most health experts caution against relying only on drinking alkaline water to achieve improved health outcomes.

How is Super Alkaline 11.5 Water Made?

The Process of Alkalizing Water

The main method to produce alkaline water is through electrolysis using a water ionizer. This process splits water molecules into acidic and alkaline components.

Home Methods vs. Commercial Products

While commercial alkaline water machines are available, there are also DIY methods to alkalize water, like using baking soda or lemon. However, the effectiveness and safety of these home methods can vary.

Comparing Super Alkaline 11.5 with Regular Water

pH Scale Explanation

The common scale used in chemistry to indicate whether a solution is acidic or basic is referred to as the pH scale. Regular water has a pH close to 7, which is a neutral scale compared to the super-alkaline Water is 11.5.

Health Implications

While alkaline water is generally safe, excessively high pH levels can disrupt the body’s normal pH balance. It’s essential to consume it in moderation and be mindful of individual health conditions.

Is it safe to Drink Super Alkaline 11.5 Water?
Is it safe to Drink Super Alkaline 11.5 Water?

Super-Alkaline Water in Daily Life

Drinking Guidelines

It calls for moderation when using super-alkaline water as part of your normal diet. It would be advisable if one began with low pH values and went up as they progressed.

Cooking with alkaline water

Using alkaline water in cooking can potentially alter the taste and nutrient content of food. It’s often used to make beverages and soups.

Safety and precautions

Understanding the Limits

It should also be noted that alkaline is not some sort of magical liquid that would heal everyone. However, one should seek medical advice before making drastic adjustments to the amount of water taken, especially when suffering from some underlying disease.

When Not to Use Alkaline Water

People with kidney disorders or those taking medications that require a certain pH balance to work effectively should be cautious about consuming high-pH water.

Testimonials and user experiences

Real-Life Stories

Several people attest to good experiences with Super Alkaline Water, as their bodies feel better hydrated. However, these anecdotes should not replace scientific evidence.

Expert Opinions

Most health experts agree that more research is needed to substantiate the claimed benefits of Super Alkaline 11.5 Water.


Summarizing the Benefits and Considerations

In conclusion, while Super Alkaline 11.5 Water has gained popularity and has its proponents, it’s essential to weigh its claimed benefits against scientific evidence and individual health needs. Moderation and consultation with healthcare professionals are advised.


  1. What is Super Alkaline 11.5 Water?

Super Alkaline 11.5 Water is water that has been ionized to increase its pH level to 11.5, making it significantly more alkaline compared to regular water, which typically has a neutral pH of around 7.

  1. How is Super Alkaline 11.5 Water made?

It’s typically made using a water ionizer, which employs electrolysis to separate water into alkaline and acidic streams. The alkaline stream has a higher pH level, which in this case is adjusted to 11.5.

  1. What are the claimed health benefits of drinking Super Alkaline 11.5 Water?

The proponents assert that this kind of water can aid in more effective hydration, neutralize acids in their bloodstreams, improve metabolism, and provide a detoxifying effect on our bodies. Nevertheless, these assertions lack scientific backing in general.

  1. Is Super Alkline 11.5 H20 safe for drinking?

Drinking alkaline water is generally safe for most people. Nevertheless, too high the pH of the body’s fluids can upset its natural pH equilibrium, and some diseases might call for precaution on that. For major alterations in your water-drinking routine, it is advisable to seek professional medical help.

  1. Is Super Alkaline 11.5 water fit for cooking?

It’s possible to use it in cooking, but it is usually common when brewing drinks and making soups. It may also change the taste and nutrient profile of a few foodstuffs.

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