Eastern Dresses Ideas_ Needle and Thread Design for Elegant Looks

Needle and thread are not just used for stitching dresses, they are also utilized to decorate fabrics, this technique is called embroidery. Every embroidered dress has its unique story and inspiration through which its design is constructed. The types of stitches, threads, fabrics, and the choice of color pallet depict the theme of the dress. Embroidery can be done manually, or professional machines can be used as per the design specifications. 

Types of Embroidery Techniques 

Hand Work

An old kind of embroidery technique involving stitches made by hand. 

Cross stitch: This is carried out on an evenly woven fabric or a grid. It involves making tiny cross-shaped stitches to form a pattern or design. 

French knots: Stitches of embroidery knots adding special 3-D texture to the fabric 

Mirror embroidery: Stitches are done by vibrant threads to secure small pieces of mirror to fabric making interesting patterns.   

Traditional embroidery: Gottakinaari is a kind that uses silver and golden laces to give the attire a fancy look. Zardozi uses a metallic thread for embroidery, and it adds a royal look to the ensemble. Multani embroidery is an applique of vibrant fabric patches with hand stitches, mainly used to make kurtas. 

Machine Work 

An automated kind, usually used to decorate clothes in mass production. 

Applique: Patterns are made by stitching a small patch of fabric to the base fabric with a zigzag or plain machine stitch. 

Chain stitch: Involves a series of loop stitches carried by the embroidery machine to make a chain of stitches. 

Computerized embroidery: is carried by embroidery machines that are computer-controlled. The required design is fed to the computer and the needles act accordingly. 

Types of Embroidered Dresses 

Festive Embroidered Dresses 

May it be a wedding or Eid, festive in Eastern culture is incomplete without wearing a well-embroidered outfit. Festive outfits are a combination of intricate embroidery and eye-catching, unique custom-made designs. Eid and wedding outfits are typically handmade. They incorporate different kinds of embroidery techniques with a variety of laces, threads, stones, embellishments, and fabrics. Pishwaas, gowns, sarees, trouser shirts, and shalwar kameez are a few sets of dresses offered by Maria B. festive collection.

Formal Embroidered Dresses 

Trendy embroidered dresses always have a secure, captivating place in the market. Going to a formal dinner or a family event, an embroidered outfit is a perfect pick. Formal embroidery includes sequences, beads, and a variety of threads to beautify the apparel. 

Casual Embroidered Dresses 

What to wear is a crucial question when it comes to picking clothes for office work every day. You want your outfit to be sleek, trendy, and comfortable at the same time. Casual embroidery usually has a subtle and relaxed feel, giving you the comfort to move confidently. 

Embroidered Dresses for Men 

Men have a wide range of embroidered Eastern outfits perfectly tailored for every occasion. Covering dapper kurtas with embellished necklines, partially embroidered waistcoats, or heavy festive sherwanis with overall embroidery. Embroidery in ethnic men’s wear is a combination of elegance and style. 


Chikankaari is a traditional embroidery technique that has its popularity among people. It is one of the widely worn fabrics in Pakistan. It is a plain cotton thread embroidery on plain muslin cloth. Over time it has revived according to the changes in trends, fashion, and, tastes. 

White Work Embroidery  

This style implies embroidery with white thread on a white background fabric. No other color is added to the design, keeping it decent and minimalistic. These dresses target people who love to have white apparel in their wardrobe, but the majority wear such clothes on religious occasions. 

Embroidery-designed dresses are becoming an everyday dress for many women across the country. Every region of Pakistan has its distinctive style and variation of embroidery, this is what makes them gain fame all over the world for their intricate beauty. 

Embroidery techniques come in a wide range; you can go from dense embroidery to simple designs according to your preferences. Many brands have their separate customized embroidered fabric range just like embroidered by Maria B which offers luxury pret line and unstitched collection. Embroidery makes every simple silhouette a major style statement.

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